Sunday, March 20, 2011

Your Left Bicep Looks Bigger than the Right.

Last week was spring break. This week was filled with much joy and much sadness. I will start with the sadness. A beautiful life was lost on Wednesday, March 9th. Matthew Josue Reyes was taken home to be with our Savior at an early hour in the morning in a terrible car accident. Matthew graduated from Temple Christian School with me and many other amazing people. We spent 7 years together for 8 hours a day, all of us so close. We not only were together through the academic aspect of school, but we were even more importantly,we were all connected through our Spiritual lives. We learned and grew through the teachings that were taught.  This created a bond that could never be broken. This was evident to me at the funeral. The funeral was held at Temple Baptist Church. This sad event brought many of the graduates/classmates together for that short time. We all were there to support the family and each other. God was present at the funeral to comfort, and I could feel Him there. I pray that He continues to comfort the family and friends.

Spring break also brought about happy times. My Maid of Honor flew all the way from LOS ANGELES,CA to help with the planning of my wedding. She was a huge help! We got much accomplished. It was great just getting to hang out with her and talk. Such a sweet, caring, and loving person. I look up to her in many ways.  She also takes great notes, and is pretty. :)

Speaking of wedding planning, I have more of a grasp of how the wedding will really look. Which is super exciting! I am having a very talented person design my invitations. More of that later though. ;) A funny joke that was told to me this week by my boss no less...."Emma, your left bicep looks a lot bigger than your right." Me- "Oh man, does it really? I have really been trying to work on my arms...I didn't think you could tell that much!" Boss-"It must be that rock on your left hand." I must corny as it made my left bicep is not much different than my right. That kinda made me sound like one arm was huge and the other not. ha.

MARCH MADNESSSSSS! I have a killer bracket. No help from T.Heim either.

8 weeks of my undergrad career left. Insane. I am so excited! I will have a B.A. Wow! 

We got the rest of our engagement photos. I shall share some of my favorites soon. :)

Until then.