Monday, August 29, 2011


I wanted to share all the grand things I found this weekend either at my Grandparents house in Lufkin or at the Antique Malls in old downtown Lufkin. I think I scored some good ones!

Awesome vintage bird/plant illustrations from my Grandparents. I had been searching for some just like these!

One of my Grandmother's serving trays.

I found this at one of the antique malls. Sucker for Mustard.

Retro salt and pepper shakers. -Grandparents home.

Puppies-Grandparents home

I used to drool over this when I was a little girl. I thought she was beautiful.

All my treasures. :)
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Sunday, August 28, 2011


        This past week has been so busy for the Heim's. I of course started my new job. It is difficult getting into the swing of things. Going to bed early so that I can get up early enough to make it to work on time has been hard, but we are getting good at it. One week down! On Thursday, I got to observe 2 of the doctors with patients for a couple of hours each. That was really neat. One of the doctors is a peds doc, so I got to see him examine several little ones. Very precious. The other doctor I observed mostly saw older people, that had some serious issues with their eyes. It was awesome to get to see both in action. I believe tomorrow I am going to be observing Heaton himself. I am a little nervous because I also have to watch some eye surgeries this coming week. I hope I can hold myself together! I'm just a receptionist! But I think this will help me to understand what our patients are really going through. In the end I know I will benefit. Friday I was able to assist at the front desk as best I could. I just greeted patients and got them to sign in and checked if they had any paperwork to fill out, and took their insurance. I don't know anything about the computer systems yet, so I couldn't actually check them in the system. I think I start to learn all that goodness later on this week!
        Travis went to Fort Worth in the early afternoon on Friday to help his Momma with a couple of catering jobs she had lined up this weekend. I of course was still at work till 5, but the good news is that my Mom drove up to Tyler and picked me up from work! We had a fun evening. We went to dinner at Chuy's Mexican restaurant and then back home to hang out and watch a movie. Fun girl time.
        On Saturday morning, her and I drove to Lufkin (where my Grandfather's house is) to pick up a dresser for Travis. The one we got is adorable. It is a teal color with cute handles. I will put some pictures up of it when I get a chance. Also, we got a wooden chair and it's seat cushion is a teal color as well.  We went to some really cute antique malls in old downtown Lufkin. So many wonderful little things to look at. We had a fun time!
        After our adventures it was back to Fort Worth. My mom dropped me off at Travis' Grandparents house where we ate hamburgers and watched some football. His Grandparents are moving and down sizing, so they had pulled aside some clothes and home decor for me to look at. It was very generous for them to do that for us. We got some good Christmas decorations! Now I am reallllly looking forward for some cooler weather and putting up our very own Christmas decorations!
        It has been a fun weekend! We will be heading back to Tyler later on tonight. Back to work tomorrow!
         Hope everyone has had a great weekend! Happy Sunday!

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

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Thanks guys!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thursday! Tomorrow is Friday!

this is adorable. not relevant, but cute.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First day

Today was my first day on the job! I really enjoyed it. It was perhaps a tad bit boring filling out paperwork and watching training videos from the 90's, but overall it was a great day. I arrived at Heaton at 9:30am and immediately started filling out papers. I then went on a tour of the building with a delightful lady name Patty who was just adorable. She has worked for Heaton for 23 years. I really liked her. I was happy to be able to walk about and learn my whereabouts because that place is kinda like a maze to me.  I got to meet a lot of the techs, nurses, and even 2 of the doctors that were in today. They were both very nice. One doctor brought me into his office to show me a picture of his daughter who is also named Emma. I thought that was cute. After the tour I was lead into my very own conference room where I began to watch videos.  I finished 3 videos and it was time for lunch. I was a little nervous about lunch, because I didn't know any of the ladies very well and I was planning on eating my lunch in the kitchen. It turned out to be okay though, there was a lot of techs and nurses I sat and chatted with. Following lunch I was put back into the conference room and watched a series of videos that were an hour each along with a workbook.
       Overall, it was a great day. I am very honored that I was selected to work for Heaton. Everyone already knew my name and that I was starting to work today. I felt very welcomed.  Can't wait to see how the rest of the week turns out!
       Tonight Travis and I are going to a concert/picnic for RUF on campus. With FREE pizza! Sweet words to a new wife. haha. It will be great to see our friends that we haven't seen in awhile.
        Thanks for your prayers! The first day was great!

Until then,

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Blog Worth Reading

First off, just wanted to give a heads up that my husband Travis started his very own blog! He is an excellent writer and I promise will keep you interested. Check out his first blog and don't forget to flow him.

Today was my first day to sing in the choir at 5th Street Presbyterian. I have always wanted to sing in the choir at church, but I didn't have to time to devote to it so I never felt like I could. Since graduation though I have been able to make more commitments to the church and am enjoying every minute of it. I am singing 2nd soprano and so far really like it!

In other exciting news, tomorrow starts the first day of UT Tyler classes. Pretty crazy that I will not be sitting in those classrooms this semester, but it also reminds me of how far God has brought me. Travis starts tomorrow with a 9am class. I am so proud of him as he starts his senior year and continues to work in commercial real estate. Keep praying that his listings will attract some potential buyers. We would love to see some properties sold here pretty soon.

So we love Netflix, and are currently watching Friday Night Lights on streaming. We loved it, but now we just have all kind of issues with the characters. It seems like sometimes they don't have a brain. I feel like we can't stop watching because we are already on season 3 and devoted. Sometimes seems like there is no common sense involved in the planning of the show. Anyways, that is just a little confession. Maybe we are feeling this way because we are watching it off Netflix and not in real time. I have heard it doesn't get better. We can only hope.

I start the new J O B on Tuesday morning. I am excited and nervous! I am ready to start making that money though that is for sure. I went on Friday and Saturday to purchase my scrubs. It was so hard to find colors I liked and the sizes I needed. We can wear any color except for black, white, and denim (which is fine by me...denim scrubs? Denim thanks) The tops and the bottoms have to match too, so that was difficult trying to find a matching pair. I ended up going with a classic dark blue and a lighter more of a cobalt blue with hot pink pipping. I literally never thought that I would purchase scrubs in my life, but I excited to pick some out.  I believe Tuesday and Wednesday is going to be filled with a lot of paperwork and videos for training.  We are thinking that it could get a little tricky with the car situation, we only have one car as of right now so Travis is going to have to drop me off at work every morning at 8am and then head off to class at 9am and then do his thing the rest of the day working and going to class and whatnot. Hopefully the car thing will not be an issue, but it would be nice to get another one soon. All apart of God's plan.

Last night we finally went to see HP7P2. It was seriously awesome. So glad we got to see it in theaters. Travis finished reading all 7 books, cause he is the boss. I feel like I need to read all of them now since we have all the books. I read "The Help" and it was awesome. A very easy read and a great story. I think it was one of the more detailed books I have read. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good story. I also got to see the movie earlier this week. I thought it went right along with the book. A must read/watch!

Anywhos, I think that is all that is going on the the Heim household as of lately. Don't forget to check out Travis' blog!

Until then,

Friday, August 19, 2011

Drum Roll Please....

I am pleased to announce that I was offered the job at Heaton Eye Associates and I accepted! I will be working the front reception desk along with 3 other ladies. I will be dealing a lot with insurance, so I have a ton to learn! The Lord is faithful to the Heim's. It was an extremely long waiting period, but God brought us through and delivered us! We learned a lot during the past month! And who would have thought this this girl would be wearing scrubs everyday to work...not me that's for sure!
Thanks for your prayers! God answered them! I am so excited!

Until then,

Monday, August 15, 2011


I have  fallen in love with these illustrations by Kelli Murray. She does sketches and murals. I think her pieces have a sense of innocence in them. Their faces are sweet. She has many more and an etsy store online.  If you have ever been to Common Grounds coffee shop in Waco, TX she has done a full wall mural in one of their rooms.  I love reading her blog too! Check her out!

Until then,

Saturday, August 6, 2011

I had to

This is adorbs.

here's to...

We miss you. These 111+ degree days are starting to get old. I want to wear sweaters, Uggs, scarfs, and drink hot tea. I will turn in my shorts for some skinny jeans and boots any day. Not trying to rush, just maybe giving a little nudge in the right direction.
 Oh, and hot cocoa would be great too. With a little veggie stew on the side. You know what to do.

Waiting to hear from you,

Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Memorable Weekend

        This past weekend my family and I traveled to Monterrey, Mexico to witness the marriage of my brother James and his fiancee Nelly. The wedding was beyond perfect. It was exactly what I was picturing it would be like. From the ceremony to the dancing. The wedding took place at an amazing venue that was surrounded by beautiful mountains. Nelly looked gorgeous, and her dress was classic beauty.
        Our amazing hotel was in San Pedro. We couldn't get over how nice everyone was that worked there. We especially loved their breakfast spread and swimming pool/hot tub.
Nelly's family was very warm and welcoming to us. It was like we had known them all for our whole lives.  Pretty cool to have family that lives in Monterrey!
       Our Saturday was spent at Los Potrero Chico, which was beautiful. All the Miners, Heims, and Venturas had a great time. It was kinda like a fancy camping ground. There was an awesome swimming pool with hammocks hanging over it. The site was completely surrounded buy mountains. People from all over the world come to this location to climb these mountains. My younger brother Ian, who is getting starting in the climbing world, was able to climb about 65 feet up on one of the sites. He said he loved it, and I am sure is gonna share his triumphs with the guys at his climbing gym.
     Overall, the trip was simply perfect. I am so glad that we could be there for James as he said his vows to his wife. We couldn't have missed it!

*Pictures were taken by Kim Kaiser*

        On this side of the boarder, I am still waiting to hear about a job. There is one place that I have interviewed with, am an praying that I will get the position. I should be hearing from them either this week, or the beginning on next week. Remembering who is in control here!

Until then,