Friday, February 25, 2011


My Friends,
We got the preview of our engagement pictures. :) Couldn't be happier. It's really coming together!

       4 Months from today we will be getting married.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stormy Sky

      It's currently bad weather out.  That's Texas for you. Two days ago it's bright and shinny out, now it's a thunder storm warning. these times I like to put on comfy pants and sip on some hot tea. I have a busy week ahead of me next week, so I am also about to crack my books open.  But before I do that I thought I would share about my last couple of days.
"Crown and Robe"
     Today my vase forms were due. I think they turned out well. The smaller white one only has a slip covering. Nothing formal with color has been done yet. The "greenware" stage was due today. My white form will stay white, but it has yet to be glazed. A slip covering is just an underlying color which can be the only color that is used or can be covered up with a stain and glaze. In my case I will cover the slip with a glaze (A thicker milky white). Slip can also be used as a strengthening binder. I think of my white vase form as a king's crown and his robe, or in my case...a artistic description of my King and the promises that he gives me as my Savior. I also found a verse to go along with it.
           Isaiah 61:10 "I will greatly rejoice in the Lord; my soul shall exult in my God, for he has clothed me with the garments of salvation; he has covered me with the robe of righteousness as a bridegroom decks himself like a priest with a beautiful headdress, and as a bride adorns herself with her jewels."  This also goes perfectly with the thoughts of marriage.
            You can see in the vase form the crown and the robe. Pretty cool! I feel like I am starting to get a hang of this ceramics thing. I love thinking deeper about my pieces and others pieces around me. You can really get into someone's mind just by looking at what their hands created. Love it!
"Little Fatty"- on the left
          My other form is a very curvy piece. I like to call it my "little fatty". Cause's a fatty. When my professor saw it she said..."That's sexy!" I don't think I have ever had a professor say that to me about anything. It was funny. This was my first vase form that I have ever made. Quite proud. My little fatty will also have horizontal lines that will run through the largest part of the body. I am thinking a more natural color scheme for the fatty as well. Both of these vase forms were made by a coiling technique. I had to put coil after coil on top of each other to get the exact form I wanted. Obviously I went back through and smoothed down the coils so that they are no longer visible. I had such a wonderful time creating these two pieces. I cannot believe we are starting on the wheel next week! yay! I am so sad I started this wonderful craft my last semester of undergrad. I think I may have to continue.
          I am still waiting the preview of our engagement pictures. I am just soo excited to see them. They should be up later tonight or tomorrow. I will surely post some of them on here.
          Well, I think that is all for this current time. I will keep updated pictures of the vases on here too!

Monday, February 21, 2011

So Much Excitment

Where the creativity happens!
       Oh my word! I have been a busy little bee. I haven't been able to make another post since Christmas break. School is running my life! 21 hours might have been a mistake. Although I am enjoying all my classes thus far. Ceramics has been my most favorite so far! My first project is due this coming Thursday. My task was to make 2 vase forms. My first one I went with a greekish theme. It's rather large. But I am proud! On my second one I decided to go a bit more simple. A more slender look. That one is still very much in progress. Yikes! I better jump on that. It is very interesting going into the studio all by myself. Just working away. There is an ipod hook up in the room, but I can never remember to bring my ipod. So that doesn't help much. :/ Today was also my first time to ever glaze some of my work. Soo interesting. I love the firing process. After the work goes into the kiln to "cook" it comes out a completely different color. Yay for chemicals! Everyone in the class is so fun and easy to work around. My professor is a straight boss by the way. She has got some killer good skills. She likes to make animal forms. The animals are placed in industrial areas. This symbolizes how animals are loosing their homes because of humans taking over. Poor little guys. At least there are ceramics ones to take the real animals places.
     Speaking of animals. I got a puppy! His name is Franklin. Since he is an immigrant to my apartment complex, he had to go and live with my parents. :( He is a Lab Rot mix, and could not be more adorable. He has little eyebrows, and a goT! haa. I know I have left him in good hands with the parents and little brother. I just hope he doesn't get too massive. That would not be fun for anyone to take care of.
     Yesterday I had the privilege of taking engagement pictures with my future beloved. We love our photographer for the wedding. She is awesome. So sweet and kind. I had no idea Tyler had so many cool places around downtown. Geez. I'm in a bubble. Our thought about the engagement pictures was to do them in downtown Tyler because this was our college town. So the engagement pictures were done here, and then of course the actual wedding will be Fort Worth. Both our homes.  I am so looking forward to seeing the pictures. I will post some on my blog when I get to see them! I think they are a taste of uniqueness and a lot sweetness all combined into one photo shoot.
       Wedding planning is moving right along! Even though school gets in the way sometimes. (sorry Mom..but it does!) This past weekend Travis and I went to Fort Worth to get our gift registration taken care of. We are now registered at 3 places. Target, William Sonoma, and Pottery Barn. I thought that this task would be a hard one, but it turned out that it was a lot of fun! I loved picking out the things that would help Travis and I have a little life together. Crazy to think about how a veggie peeler could really mean so much! Every little thing was chosen by us. Many special memories were made that day just by picking plates, towels, cookware, etc...and many more memories will be made with those treasures in them. Very cool.  I have also picked the bridesmaid dress. I think that's been like a month now since I picked the dress. All my girls have said they really like it. So that's a good sign!
      Another exciting detail!!! My Maid of Honor is coming to Texas a week from tomorrow. She is coming to help with the little details of the wedding that have yet to be done. Cannot wait to see that girl. Love her to death.