Friday, January 14, 2011


         I have sad news. Travis has gone back to the homeland of Tyler, TX. I am still in our other homeland of Fort Worth, TX. Two great places, just not so great when we are apart from one another. We shall soon be reunited again.  Speaking of, I still am in complete shock that the semester is starting on Tuesday. I feel like I have been in a complete fairytale this whole winter break. I fear as though I am about to get slapped in the face with reality. It might hurt. I am taking on the task of taking the most classes I ever have in my college career. Nervous is an understatement. But once this semester is over with I can put on a cap and gown and walk across a stage, shake a few hands, and get a cream colored paper in my hands. Pretty amazing. Can't believe I will be graduating. The Lord has brought me far in life!
       Yesterday I went to this super unique store in Fort Worth called Old Home Supply. It was filled with old housing furnishings. Bathtubs, stoves, lighting fixtures, etc... It was rad. I found a wonderfully old deco table lamp. It's maroon colored. I still have to find the perfect shade for it, for it did not come with a cover for it's body. Thought it was a must as I continue to add to our collection! I think a festive lamp shade is in order. I even haggled. That's always fun!

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