Monday, April 18, 2011


This weekend was full of so much exciting and enjoyment. Travis and I felt very loved at our first bridal shower. This was our Tyler families doing. It was hosted by 5th Street Presbyterian ( our wonderful church here in Tyler. ) and a lot of our friends from RUF were about to attend too! It was held at the ever so kind Dominique Jordan's home. She did a beautiful job of setting up everything, getting people to help out and of course making us all feel at home. There was so much love that filled that one that night. Travis and I were encouraged to see the love of God shown in such an amazing way. Mike, the associate pastor, said a couple words before we began to open presents, he stated that we couldn't start a home on our own, but that these wonderful people came together to help get the things that we need to start it. That really struck me. This is such truth. I am honored that people would feel lead to purchase us presents which will continue to benefit my family for our whole lives. These are the objects that I will cook with and serve with. I will feed my children on these plates and cook all our family meals with these pots and pans. Such a beautiful realization. God blessed me through even the smallest gift. All were picked out for a special purpose. All so wonderful.  Our families got to come to Tyler for the shower. I know that it encouraged them to see that we truly are cherished by our 5th Street family here. I am glad they were able to make it.
          Saturday I drove home to Fort Worth with my mom, who got to stay Friday night with me in Tyler. We headed home for a slight moment so that I could see my little (not so little) puppy Franklin. He is getting bigger!! But is just as sweet as ever. After making that much needed stop we headed to the tailors for my second dress fitting! That was very exciting! The dress is looking great! Saturday night was an exciting night for the little brother! It was his Junior Senior Banquet. Being a Miner son it was a necessity for him to wear a KILT! Ian followed in our older brother's footsteps who also wore a kilt to his senior banquet. I truly think only a Miner son could pull that off. He looked great and said that he had a fun night. Hard to believe that Ian is graduating high school. Couldn't be more proud of the kid. His high school play is coming up in a couple of weekends. I am looking forward to going home to watch him in his last high school play! 
          Sunday the parents and I went to the Main Street Arts Festival in downtown Fort Worth. It was awesome to see all the different artists from all over the country selling and displaying their heart. I love learning about different kinds of art and the meaning behind why the artists did what they did. So interesting to learn what their brain's were thinking when they were creating. What is really cool is that each artists reason for what they created is so different.  Love it!

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