Monday, September 12, 2011

As of Lately

          Yay! We got a gym membership! We are working out at 360 Fitness here in Tyler! It feels great to call a gym home again. Because I graduated I would have to pay to use the gym at school. So we shopped around and made sure we could get the best price for both of us. It's been fun working out and eating healthy with my husband. I am one sore girl right now....feels right though! Getting back on track.
           Work has been really fun/crazy. Today I got to check people out/make appointments. I was taking money! I'm good at that ;) Still trying to work on my insurance knowledge. I think that has been the most difficult part of the whole thing, but I am getting there.
            This past weekend was a very relaxing one. We got a lot of things done that have been on our to do list. We finally got to hang up some things on the walls, and filled a whole bookshelf full of books! It looks awesome! I also got to hang up my diploma!

I started to decorate for FALL!! I love these little animals found at Pier1.

Cute bookshelf and vintage bird illustrations. Always rep the H!

yeahhh buddy!

This cute vintage white tin shelf is hanging in our bathroom. It goes great with the white towels and shower curtain.


 Until then,


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