Monday, July 25, 2011

great news

Guys! We made it one month! Today is our one month anniversary! How exciting!

   On another exciting note...we are soo excited to be headed to Monterrey, Mexico this Thursday to witness the marriage of my older brother James and his wonderful fiancee Nelly. She is not only beautiful out the outside, but she is beautiful on the inside as well. I am so excited to gain a sister! We are so blessed to know Nelly! She is very welcome to join our family, couldn't ask for a better match for my big bro. Congrats to you two! You really deserve each other! Trust in the Lord in all your decisions, and He will make your paths straight. Love you both very much.
      Yesterday's sermon at church could not have come at a more perfect time for our lives while I continue to search for a job.  Pastor Simmons covered the power of prayer from Mark 11:22-26. Prayer has the power to move mountains into the sea. How awesome! By faith, we believe that our prayers are going to be answered by our Heavenly Father. Sometimes though it may seem like He is taking forever to answer, or just doesn't care to answer. This isn't true. His answers come at the perfect time, just exactly when He planned all along.  There are times when we look back over our lives and realize that we would have actually been sad or more unhappy if the prayers that we were praying so desperately for ended up in our favor. God blesses us and guides us by His answers. He answers prayers all the time, sometimes in our favor and sometimes not.  In that we can take hope and it is in this that we find faith and peace.  What can comfort us the most is that God is in control, and He knows what will happen before it does. It is pretty neat to have the creator continue to guide my life as He sees fit.  When we face large mountains in our life, that is when we need to look back and realize that God has never failed us before. He has been shown to be right when we needed it, and we prospered from His answers and His love. This gives us hope to face even larger mountains that may come up against us in our futures!
       This being said, I am still in the search for a job. I have a very promising lead, but there are 2 other girls up for the position. This has forced me to go to my knees and ask the my Lord to guide me where He will have me. Pray that this is it! I would love to be offered this job! Keep your fingers crossed!

Until then,

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