Sunday, August 28, 2011


        This past week has been so busy for the Heim's. I of course started my new job. It is difficult getting into the swing of things. Going to bed early so that I can get up early enough to make it to work on time has been hard, but we are getting good at it. One week down! On Thursday, I got to observe 2 of the doctors with patients for a couple of hours each. That was really neat. One of the doctors is a peds doc, so I got to see him examine several little ones. Very precious. The other doctor I observed mostly saw older people, that had some serious issues with their eyes. It was awesome to get to see both in action. I believe tomorrow I am going to be observing Heaton himself. I am a little nervous because I also have to watch some eye surgeries this coming week. I hope I can hold myself together! I'm just a receptionist! But I think this will help me to understand what our patients are really going through. In the end I know I will benefit. Friday I was able to assist at the front desk as best I could. I just greeted patients and got them to sign in and checked if they had any paperwork to fill out, and took their insurance. I don't know anything about the computer systems yet, so I couldn't actually check them in the system. I think I start to learn all that goodness later on this week!
        Travis went to Fort Worth in the early afternoon on Friday to help his Momma with a couple of catering jobs she had lined up this weekend. I of course was still at work till 5, but the good news is that my Mom drove up to Tyler and picked me up from work! We had a fun evening. We went to dinner at Chuy's Mexican restaurant and then back home to hang out and watch a movie. Fun girl time.
        On Saturday morning, her and I drove to Lufkin (where my Grandfather's house is) to pick up a dresser for Travis. The one we got is adorable. It is a teal color with cute handles. I will put some pictures up of it when I get a chance. Also, we got a wooden chair and it's seat cushion is a teal color as well.  We went to some really cute antique malls in old downtown Lufkin. So many wonderful little things to look at. We had a fun time!
        After our adventures it was back to Fort Worth. My mom dropped me off at Travis' Grandparents house where we ate hamburgers and watched some football. His Grandparents are moving and down sizing, so they had pulled aside some clothes and home decor for me to look at. It was very generous for them to do that for us. We got some good Christmas decorations! Now I am reallllly looking forward for some cooler weather and putting up our very own Christmas decorations!
        It has been a fun weekend! We will be heading back to Tyler later on tonight. Back to work tomorrow!
         Hope everyone has had a great weekend! Happy Sunday!

Until then,

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