Saturday, October 8, 2011

Antique Shopping

          Travis and I took a little trip today to Athens, TX...AKA the Black Eyed Pea Capital of the World. Although our day had nothing to do with black eyed peas, our day did indeed involve antique malls. One that was especially cute was called Winnie and Tulula's. I heard about this shop from a girl at work.   This place was simply adorable and was filled with all types of treasures. From handmade finds, furniture, and very old collectables. We both really enjoyed looking around. I came across a green iron magazine rack and a tiny little lamp that is painted in a light baby pink...which I think I will end up painting another color that has yet to be determined. Both were wonderful finds. At another antique store next door, Travis came across some vintage President Kennedy pins that he couldn't leave behind. It was overall a super fun day. I am glad that we had the time to take a trip to Athens for some much needed time spent together and a relaxing day.
             We also came across a good friend of ours....Dobby.
Winnie and Tulula's

Travis in downtown Athen's
Another antique mall on the way out of Athens.

Our new friend....DOBBY!

Until then,

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