Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall Updates

               Wow. It has been 20 days since my last post. A busy girl I have been. Let's see...Travis made his first big land sale. We were THRILLED! It was his first listed property. 166 acres in Lindale, TX. God provided right when we really needed it. Thanks God! My parents came up to Tyler 2 weekends ago. That was a lot of fun getting to see them and hang out. My Papabear bought Travis his very own "Landman" cowboy hat. Travis couldn't be more proud. It's a beautiful dark brown Stetson. Looks great on my Landman I must say. The past 3 weeks has been filled with Ranger Baseball. We watched every game in both the American League Championship games and the World Series. We were sad when the Rangers couldn't pull out the win, but they played great and came a far way. We will get them next year boys! Work is still going great. I am getting the hang of things pretty well now. I still have my insurance questions though. On Halloween day (Monday) all the staff is dressing up. I am excited to see how creative everyone is! I will have to put some pictures up. I am getting so excited for the Holidays. I cannot believe Thanksgiving is just around the corner. So insane how fast this year has gone. It seems like it was just last month that Travis and I got engaged. It's crazy to think it will be a full year since the engagement on December 20th.  Hmmm...what else...Oh! I made a fall wreath! It is very cute! I made it with fabric roses. Very adorbs. I also panted an "H" on a pumpkin. Of course for the Heim's. :)  I think that's it for now. That was a lot of updates in one post. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Fall!

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  1. Congratulations to Travis for his sale!! It will be a good Christmas for you guys.