Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall Conference

               This past weekend Travis and I had the opportunity to go with our RUF group to Fall Conference. It was a weekend full of fun, fellowship, and heart touching sermons. I got to know a couple of our newer girls a lot better. I love RUF Conferences because it isn't just our specific RUF that attends, it's actually a bunch of different universities with RUFs and this past one was for Texas Universities. We got to play all types of sports, my favorite being flag football! I got the bruises to prove how much I loved it. I was so thankful for a little break from the everyday routines of life. Our speaker for the weekend was Rickie Jones from Tulsa, OK. God used him this past weekend. The sermons were amazing. All four sermons were over the book of Proverbs. The series was entitled "The Four People You Will Meet in the Proverbs." Each sermon fit so well with the next one. I laughed, I cried, and I felt and still feel the convictions of these sermons. I was truly blessed for going on this conference. I praise God for the words that I heard. 


       If you would like to listen click HERE.....Get your Bible and notebooks ready. 

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